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Jack Harlow launches philanthropic initiative ‘The Jack Harlow Foundation’

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Jack Harlow officially launched The Jack Harlow Foundation, which will serve as the Louisville, KY native’s primary philanthropic vehicle to reinvest, uplift and support organizations aiming to make the city that raised him a better place. Upon its launch, The Jack Harlow Foundation announced gifts to four Kentucky-based organizations who are actively working to make their community a better place — Adelante Hispanic Achievers, Centro Latino, Russell: A Place of Promise, and Sponsor4Success.

Sponsor4Success helps disadvantaged kids with educational and athletic expenses, improves living conditions for senior citizens, and funds programs for schools and churches.
Centro Latino improves the lives of Latinos in five Kentucky counties.
Russell: A Place of Promise focuses on Black wealth building in Louisville; and
Adelante Hispanic Achievers empowers Hispanic and Latinx youth.

Said Harlow: “With all I have done and will do in my career, my home is where my heart is, my refuge, and the place that shaped me. Giving back to Louisville represents the dream I have of making a difference. My vision is to make Louisville a better place. Know that this is just the start of my philanthropic legacy and I look forward to transforming our community and, as a result, the success and happiness of its citizens. The launch of my foundation is represented by gifts to four organizations that I believe are doing the work of making Louisville a better place; helping under resourced families remove obstacles to higher education, supporting a new start in a neighborhood that has been lacking investment, giving hands on assistance to the poorest of the poor, and making safe housing affordable for families.”

Harlow celebrated the release of his third studio album, Jackman, by visiting multiple JCPS schools in Louisville, including his alma mater, Atherton High School. The album cover of Jackman  features Harlow standing in front of an alley in his old neighborhood.

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