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See Jennifer Lopez in the video for ‘Rebound’

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Jennifer Lopez has shared her video for the song “Rebound”, which depicts Lopez in an abusive relationship with a partner, played by dancer Gilbert Saldivar.

The footage shown in the video originally appeared in This is Me…Now: A Love Story, the narrative film Lopez released alongside her album This is Me…Now . The projects are inspired by Lopez’s past relationships and her love story with her husband, actor Ben Affleck.

In a recent interview with Variety, Lopez said the video for ‘Rebound’ was inspired by her own experience, though she did not name who the abusive partner was: “the idea of the glass house was about how we get into these toxic relationships. You have trauma from your past. You have these patterns you haven’t figured out yet. And you get into these relationships where you compromise yourself in ways you never thought you would. Or you allow people to treat you in ways that you never thought you would. And that certainly has happened to me.”

In support of all her recent projects, Lopez will launch the This is Me…Now tour on June 26 in Orlando, Fla. Take a look at the video for ‘Rebound’ – here.

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