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My show is about life, my life, your life, Paul’s life, and what’s going on in the world. I love getting up everyday and getting to do this radio thing. The show is not dirty, we might discuss “Billiards” but we won’t take it to the gutter.  We want everyone to listen, not just bikers and bar-flies. I want the parents to be comfortable trusting that they can have the Penrod show on in the car or at home without having to worry about the kids hearing content that has to be explained. I was influenced by the great personalities of Chicago radio in the 80’s and 90’s. My goal is to entertain, every time the microphone is on. Let’s face it, people can get music anywhere these days, regardless of the format. Our jobs as programmers and talent is to keep them listening as long as possible. We can do that with topical talk, sports, music news, and by connecting with them by being real, and real funny. Weekdays 5-10am!


The BFMS is a Nationally Syndicated Radio Show that appeals to a diverse audience, based in Richmond, VA (RVA) and is owned and operated by The Farmer Company LLC.
We are “Your Lifestyle Radio Show” and our show airs daily Monday – Friday. The Show appears on a variety of stations across the country reaching across different genres such as Jazz, R&B, Pop, Hip-Hop and Rock & Roll. We take pride of knowing The BFMS offers our many listeners clean conversation content. The BFMS conversation content focuses on engaging topics consisting of friendly debates, nostalgia and motivational moments. We also welcome a variety guest such as small businesses, music artists, Nonprofits and individuals with inspirational stories. Weekdays 10am-1pm!


The latest polls, trending news, and a wide variety of music. Terry Dean, Mon-Fri 1-3pm!


Your home for the staple segment “Who Cares News” along with trending stories and new music! Van Camp & Morgan for your Afternoon Drive, Weekdays 3-7pm!


Daily guest segments, new music, and more! John & Heidi, NIGHTS 7-10pm!


Alex Waters and Calista Liew give you the best variety of music plus the biggest celebrities join them in the Cool Jamz studios! Saturdays 2-7pm!